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San Bernardino Exterior Coatings

Do you want to do more when it comes to protecting your San Bernardino home from extreme heat? If the Californian summers are forcing you to turn on the AC unit more often than you like, more work is needed to improve the energy efficiency of your home, starting with the house exterior.

At CAT Exteriors, we offer the unique Tex-cote Coolwall® system that reflects UV rays away from your property on all sides. It will provide up to 21.9% savings on energy costs, per research completed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory! Our Texcote exterior coatings give your home the extra protection needed to stay comfortable for less expense in the hottest environments.

Protect Your San Bernardino Home with a Reflective Exterior Coating

So, what is the Coolwall System and how can it be so effective? This system is applied in two parts to a clean, restored home exterior. First, we apply Coolwall Primer, a water-based, low VOC acrylic latex primer designed to dry to a durable surface. When it's dry, we’ll apply the Coolwall Surface Finish. This is a water-based paint containing reflective pigments up to ten times thicker than traditional exterior paints. Finally, all the door and window trim are covered with a specially formulated heat reflective coating for a cohesive appearance.

The exterior of your San Bernardino home will be well-protected for as long as you live there! Plus, you’ll enjoy these features with your Coolwall system:

  • We’re platinum dealers for Tex-cote, which means we install your exterior coating using our 10-step application process by certified installation specialists.
  • Our coat is formulated with Kynar® PVDF to give it non-stick properties and make the coating dirt, mold, and mildew resistant.
  • Our heat reflective coatings are designed to last a lifetime, so you’ll never need to replace them or reapply color to your home.
  • The Coolwall system is available in hundreds of colors, even darker blues, greens, and browns.

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Give your home the superior protection of a Tex-cote Coolwall system that will last you for a lifetime. Our beautiful finishes don’t need repainting or require a lot of cleaning, yet the color remains fresh and bright for years.

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