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Duracool Patio Covers

Feeling the heat when you go outside on the patio? If the sun’s rays are always baking down on your head, a Duracool patio roof may be the best option. CAT Exteriors can build a durable backyard covered patio coated with cutting-edge UV reflecting paint. Also known as Duralum roofs, these patio covers are great at keeping the sun’s heat from ruining your time outside. Allow us to show you more about our amazing Cool Roof patio systems!

Get the Look of a Wood Patio Cover and the Durability of Aluminum

The natural beauty of a wood patio cover is appealing for many homeowners, but this material comes with common problems that require extra maintenance. No homeowner wants to sit outside and watch the paint peeling from their patios! With Duracool covers you can enjoy the look of wood planks in our aluminum materials. We offer a wood grain texture option that resembles the real thing and most people will never realize a difference!

Our aluminum patio covers also come with several additional benefits:

  • A lifetime warranty to protect your investment
  • A Ceranamel coating that doesn’t chip, fade, or crack
  • Cool roof patio coatings that reflect UV rays away
  • A selection of color and style options
  • An ENERGY Star Product
  • Exceeds guidelines of the Cool Roof Rating Council
  • It’s very low maintenance and easy to clean

What are Our Duracool Patio Covers?

The Duracool patio cover offers more than just shade for your family. Our products are coated with advanced Ceranamel XT-40, a paint containing ceramic pigment particles. The ceramic reflects UV light away from the home, preventing the build up of heat. You’ll be cool and comfortable in the shade of your Duracool patio cover. Our coatings are also reinforced by DuPont’s Telflon protector, so it resists chipping, abrasions, and dirt.

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When you are ready to install a new patio cover in the Los Angeles area, reach out to CAT Exteriors. Our Duracool products boast incredible strength and energy efficiency to keep you comfortable. Give us a call or fill out our online form to learn more during a free consultation. We’ll be happy to set up your appointment today.