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Los Angeles Tex-Cote Coating

If you live in Los Angeles, you know that the environment SoCal homes often have to undergo is a stark one. From the constant rays of the hot sun to the omnipresent threat of strong winds, intense heat, rain, and more—the exterior of your home has to have the strength and durability of a suit of armor!

As a locally owned business, Cat Exteriors gets that. In fact, we’ve done more than just understand this Los Angeles plight: we’re proud to offer Tex-Cote COOLWALL® Coatings for LA home. Tex-Cote is more durable and energy-efficient than any other exterior wall coating! Rather than just painting your home, we want you to know the importance of coating your home. Exterior coatings means that we use special material to ensure that your home's exterior will look fresh for many years. Gone are the days of consistent painting and labor.

Tex-Cote Wall Coatings for A Safer Home

For LA residents, energy-efficient wall components aren’t a luxury—they’re a necessity. That’s why we’re proud to offer the benefits of Tex-Cote exterior coatings for your home, because we know that they’re the best at keeping your home cool, comfortable, and protected—all at the same time. 

Interested in learning more about Tex-Cote coatings for Los Angeles homes? Tex-Cote coatings are optimal for: 

  • Reducing Heat Transfer Into Your Home by Reflecting Solar Heat Away from Your Walls

  • Staying Beautiful for Much Longer due to Enhanced Durability and Anti-Flaking Composition

  • Keeping Your Home Interior Conditioned: Cooler During Summer Months, Warmer During Winter Months

  • Reducing Your Energy Bill to Save You Money and Conserve Earth Resources

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Interested in protecting your home with maximum efficiency? At CAT Exteriors, we’ve helped hundreds of happy LA residents protect their homes with Tex-Cote wall coatings. We can’t wait to earn your trust as well! We’ll bring our experience; all you need to do is pick a color!

Ready to team up? Call our friendly team today to learn more about our Los Angeles Tex-Cote offerings, or, alternatively, you can simply fill out our brief online form to request a free Tex-Cote application estimate.