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Long Beach Exterior Coatings

The California sunshine is a big draw for residents of Long Beach, but all that direct sunlight can definitely take a toll on your house exterior. Powerful UV rays can cause even the best paint jobs to fade and crack, and heat absorbed from the sun can lead to higher energy costs as your HVAC system works harder than it should.

What’s the solution to beat the sun?

It’s Tex-Cote exterior coatings from CAT Exteriors! The Tex-Cote Coolwall® System has been proven by careful analysis to save homeowners up to 21.9% on average home cooling costs—all while lowering exterior maintenance, too.

Benefits of a Tex-Cote Heat-Reflective Coating

At CAT Exteriors, we’re dedicated to providing the best home exterior upgrades anywhere in Long Beach, and our Tex-Cote solutions are exactly that. Tested by the U.S. Department of Energy, this innovative technology has been proven to reflect solar heat away from your home to help reduce costly energy bills.

Here’s the deal.

We aren’t just any installer of this heat-reflective coating for Long Beach homes. As a Platinum Dealer with Tex-Cote of America, our remodelers are also Tex-Cote Certified Installers. In other words, you’re guaranteed to receive the many benefits of this advanced technology!

By hiring us to install your Tex-Cote Coolwall System, you’ll get:

  • A More Comfortable and Evenly Climate-Controlled Home Interior
  • Hassle-Free Exterior Walls that Never Need Painting or Repainting
  • Immediate Energy Savings
  • Reduced Strain on Your HVAC System
  • A 10-Step Application Process to Ensure Lasting Durability
  • Beautiful, Fade-Resistant Colors (Exact Color Matching Available)

Using the signature CAT Exteriors Platinum Process, we’ll work with you to plan and execute a cost-effective, long-lasting exterior coating for your Long Beach home. We aren’t the cheapest contractor out there, but rest assured… we are the very best!

Learn More About Our Long Beach Exterior Coatings

Ready to make the home you have the home you want? Then start by reaching out to the Long Beach residential remodelers of CAT Exteriors! We’d love to tell you more about the hassle-free upkeep and high energy efficiency of our Tex-Cote exterior coatings. Just call us or complete our quick online form to get started today.