Did your roofing job come with some extra shady business? Experience a “shady” roofing job? Read below for some information on what to do when you’ve had a bad experience…
Bad experiences with contractors are the worst! Contact us for a do-over, we won’t let you down.

It can be extremely frustrating and costly realizing that your roofing has been poorly built, repaired or replaced due to a careless installation and poor workmanship. There are all kinds of issues that can occur when a roof is repaired or installed improperly. It can have future leaks due to inefficiency, collapse causing harm not to mention creating an ongoing and never-ending roof project.

Aside from obvious problems of poor installation, such as leaks or a complete collapse, there are indications to watch for in dealing with a shady roofing job. Here are some things to consider…

Indicators of Bad Roofing The following are signals or indicators of a poor roofing job and include:
  • Shingle Damage Storms happen, but if your home is the only one in the neighborhood that seems affected, perhaps the quality of the roofing job was the discussion to be had. Shingles can be replaced, but with significant damage, an inspection should happen to inspect the severity of the problem.
  • Lack of Uniformity If a roof looks a little off in some areas but normal in another area, this could be due to the poor quality of materials and a lack of integrity for a job well done. Mismatching of shingles is a sign of a cheap fix with no concern for a uniform appearance or its overall value. Materials differences can cause the roof to age differences in other parts of the roof, which will bring future repairs.
  • Water Leak Stains Water leaks and black stains just sound bad but a poor roofing job causing drips into your home perhaps forcing you to place bucket fixes throughout your living areas is unacceptable. Stains require an inspection as does any attic area to check for future signs of leaking. Sometimes leaks of this type can be repaired, but if there is an extensive loss of granules, the problems will be much more involved and could result in a complete roof replacement.
  • Missing Materials With a shady roofing job, missed steps with materials will show, something such as low-quality underlayment which is the paper or felt material underneath the shingles. Without this barrier being of the highest quality, waterproofing does not exist and you will have leaks and your roof will begin to age much faster. It is extremely important the materials are properly installed and a lack of proper underlayment will require in-depth inspection.
  • Drip Edges Drip edges are vital material that is part of a quality roofing job but not always included. These protective pieces of steel above the underlayment at the edge of the roof allows moisture to trickle down from the roof into the gutter system. This keeps the roof from getting soaked from standing water which is crucial in preventing rot, mold growth, stains, basement flooding as well as foundation issues. If these drip edges are missing from your roofing job, you can expect some shady business has taken place. This lack of material and quality installation warrants an inspection of the entire roof. So you may think you have saved money on your roofing job, but if you suspect your roofing job may have been done from the shortcut savings, shady contractor, now what?
Contractor Checklist Obviously finding a contractor who is going to complete a quality roofing job from start to finish is important to any homeowner. A good contractor will:
  • inspect the attic and roof underside
  • discuss structural issues
  • examine the entire roof area
  • answer all questions
  • explain necessary procedures
  • provide a thorough and honest estimate
  • provide certifications, licenses, references, and insurance information
  • obtain the necessary permits
  • provide waste disposal permits, if required
No one wants to experience the agony of a bad roofing job, we have come across such unfortunate situations. Currently, in your area, there’s a financial incentive to help make it more affordable to replace your roof. If you have been through a bad roofing experience, or need help, contact us today, so we can start the process to understand your concerns, inspect your roof and get you covered.

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