No patio cover? Getting rained out for the SuperBowl this weekend?
Super Bowl LIII is right around the corner! Are you ready for Sunday? Unfortunately for those of us in California, we’ve been experiencing severe rainstorms for days, and it’s not over yet! The storm will last all the way through Monday, February 4th in some areas. Hopefully this is isn’t killing your SuperBowl plans.

If you are like us, you enjoy living in California for the year-round sunny weather and mild temperatures, and early February is the perfect time of year to host a fabulous backyard SuperBowl party – unless you are getting rained out! Let’s face it, you could always shove all of your family and friends inside, but that’s not ideal if you’ve got a great backyard for entertaining.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your patio! Now if you are getting rained out for your SuperBowl party, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading your backyard to include a luxurious patio cover. Here at CAT Exteriors we work with only the best products and companies and are confident we can find the best patio cover for your dream vision for your backyard.

We work exclusively with Duracool brand patio covers. Duracool patio covers come in various styles and designs, from lattice top to full coverage, and options for adding fans, lighting, and more. We can truly design exactly what you want and what fits best for your space. Duracool patio covers are aluminum and therefore built to last. No more rotting wood patio covers or replacing every few years! A Duracool patio cover comes with a lifetime guarantee – that’s the best in the industry!

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Are you into energy efficient patio covers? Of course, who doesn’t want an energy efficient home in 2019! Your electric bill will be lower and energy efficiency is all around better for the environment. With a Duracool patio cover from CAT Exteriors, you get more than just an elegant upgrade, you get premium materials built not only to last but to be energy efficient. Duracool’s exclusive paint products are the key to their superior performance and it has been regarded as the greatest advancement in the patio cover market. This one of a kind paint system contains a scientifically advanced custom coating compound with various high performing qualities. This paint system helps significantly reduce heat under your patio cover by reflecting U.V. rays skyward, rather than allowing them to penetrate into your outdoor living space. The DuraCool paint system is sealed with a super tough Teflon coating that provides superior resistance to scratches, dings, and dirt & stains.

Ready to invest in your patio cover? Contact us today and let’s get the process started toward your patio makeover! Don’t worry about every getting rained out for a SuperBowl party (or any party for that matter!) ever again! You also won’t have to replace your patio cover ever again. When you invest in a Duracool aluminum patio cover, you are buying only the best for your home – in quality and in appearance.

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