What is the purpose of the roof of your home, if you really think about it?
Obviously, it’s a cover for your home, to keep out the elements. It holds all of the walls together. But has it occurred to you that your roof can be a source of energy savings? That it can do more than just exist because it has to, and can serve you to your advantage?

Homes that were built in the 1970’s that have not had their roof replaced should start looking now. Depending on the type of roof, they should be replaced every 30-50 years. This decision can be hard for some homeowners considering the potential costs. Let’s look at some of the best reasons to invest in a new roof in 2019.

Increased Home Value A new roof is quite an investment as you probably already know if you are a homeowner. So why not make the best investment you can make for the future of your home? According to 2017 national data, a new roof can increase a home’s value by more than $14,000! If you plan on buying or selling a house in the near future, a new roof is a great investment.

Generally speaking, a homeowner who chooses to renovate the roof will most likely recover around 69% of the money he or she spent on installation through the increase in the property’s resale value.

New roofs can also add to your property’s curb appeal. So if you’re really interested in improving your landscaping, for example, a new roof for your home should be a part of the deal, as its worth is practically similar to adding a deck in some cases. Buyers know if they are likely to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof. So unless they’re assured that they won’t do any roof repairs or anytime soon, they won’t buy.

CAT Exteriors is a preferred contractor for Owens Corning. They boast the best materials in the industry that are backed by their non-prorated 50-year warranty. The best materials installed by the best roofers in the business, coupled with a “Preferred Contractor” will give your home a long-lasting crown for years of enjoyment.

Energy Efficiency Summers are getting hotter and winters getting colder, and in some places, winters temperatures seem to be less of a concern than ever before.

With that said, hotter summers equal more time our air conditioning units spend running, this means more money you have to spend on the energy bill. Did you know that there are ways where you can reduce your energy bill every month by changing the energy efficiency of your roof by simply choosing a different color of roofing material?

Alright, so there isn’t one particular color that you have to go with to make your roof more energy efficient. Rather, you should opt for a “cool roof” by picking a lighter color. Lighter colors will help reflect away heat and keep it from being absorbed as much which results in you using less energy and saving more money.

Most homes utilize dark roofs. The problem with dark roofs is that they absorb heat. On an average summer day, a roof can reach up to 150°F to 175°F. That is just not cool.

So you may ask, how do I get a “cool roof”?

In a premium offering of Owens Corning® Shingles, there are COOL Roof Collection colors that are designed to reflect the sun’s rays, helping make your home even more energy efficient. The COOL Roof Collection includes deep, rich colors which are unexpected for solar-reflecting shingles. Now you can save energy and look great at the same time.

Take into consideration… When renovating the roof of your home, the most important factor to consider is the timing. Renovate your roof one to three years before selling it in the market so you’ll have enough time to recover the difference. A new roof can last a very long time. So if you renovate that roof new, you have plenty of time to enjoy its benefits. If you intend to sell your home in the near future, the new owner won’t be bothered for roof renovation within that time frame.

Regardless of the age or type of roof that you have, our specialists can diagnose, repair, or upgrade your home’s roof. CAT Exteriors uses the best roofing materials in the business utilizing a 3-step system we apply to all of our roofing jobs. Seal, Defend, and Breathe giving you a long-lasting, energy-efficient roof that looks perfect for your home.