Three Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Windows
Homeownership is one of the great American dreams, and a huge joy and a privilege. Something all homeowners can attest to, however, are the great responsibilities that come along with owning a home. There are so many areas of home care to consider from lawn care, internal design elements, and your entire exterior. Let’s look at the exterior of your home, specifically your windows.

You may think a window is doing its job merely by existing, but that is not always the case. Windows do a lot more than look nice and keep the elements outside of your home and let the sunshine in. Windows keep your home insulated, help regulate temperature, protect from weather, soundproof, increase property value, improve aesthetics, keep your family safe, and more.

Here are three factors that might help you determine if your home needs new windows:

Are Your Windows Energy Efficient? If your windows are not sealed correctly, are single pane, or are not the best materials, they could be causing energy inefficiency in your home. Tell-tale signs of energy inefficiency are higher than normal electric bills, drafts throughout the house, or warmer or cooler areas near windows. You may also have old or poorly installed windows. These may not be sealed correctly causing air to leak in, creating drafts and colder homes in the winter and warmer homes in the summer. This forces you to adjust your thermometer, or worse, if you have an automatic temperature adjustment on your thermostats, you are losing money without even knowing it or thinking to try and control it.

Anlin windows installed by CAT Exteriors guarantee energy efficient windows. As a platinum elite dealer of Anlin windows, we offer the most innovative series of windows our manufacturer has to offer.

Industry-leading features within the Del Mar Series include the following:

  • Multiple foam filled pockets integrated through the manufacturing of each window enhances the Del Mar’s efficiency. This is Anlin’s Comfort-Core™ technology.
  • Additionally, the Del Mar Series is a rigid thermal reinforcement which provides both superior strength and thermal insulation inside integral locking areas to both sash and frame. This is the Innergy® technology, which helps the Del Mar Series Window to be one of the industry’s leading replacement windows available for your home.
If any of the above symptoms are occurring in your home, call us today for a FREE estimate. If energy efficiency is the problem, we can help solve it.

Are Your Windows in Good Condition? As a homeowner, curb appeal can be very important! This is not only a factor in taking pride in one’s home, but this is also a huge consideration in resale value if you ever decide to put your home on the market. Wear and tear on windows is a normal part of homeownership. This is especially evident in climates that host high humidity, salty air, or a lot of storms. So if you live near the ocean or an area with a lot of storms, such as the northwest, you may find yourself needing to replace certain aspects of your home’s exterior more often than people that live in a milder climate.

Older homes may have materials, such as wood, that may deteriorate faster than other materials we have to offer today as well. CAT Exteriors offers only the best of Anlins windows made with durable vinyl. Here is what we will offer:

  • MasterBlend™ Vinyl formula is so durable, Anlin branded products include a “True Double Lifetime” warranty
  • Vinyl is tested to withstand extreme UV environments such as the Southwest desert
  • We run a Desert Climate Test on all of our windows We run an AAMA Heat Resistance Test that exposes the vinyl to heat and then is visually inspected for stress-related surface changes
  • Heat Absorption Tests, which expose the vinyl to infrared radiation to determine how much radiant heat it can absorb and remain stable, are run on all of the products.
These materials will last a long time, look great, and they will also help with the energy efficiency! We truly offer a packaged deal, where every aspect of our window installation affects the others.

Do Your Windows Protect from Sound? On top of keeping your home energy efficient and looking nice, windows can help soundproof your home! If you have older, single pane windows, you might notice louder than normal sounds inside your home. If you have updated double pane windows, you could further block loud noises from coming in. This can be especially important if you are in an airport flight path, leave near a freeway or school, or just have a louder neighborhood

Single pane windows contain only one pane of glass, whereas double pane window includes two panes of glass with air in between in, which helps with sound, insulation, and safety too.

Contact us for a FREE quote today At CAT Exteriors, we are proud to offer the highest standard of Anlin windows. Every window order is custom fit to your homes exact window dimensions and in most cases without any modifications to the existing walls. This makes for a quick and sound installation that is built to last. The Del Mar series has a multitude of features and frame types that can fit every application for every climate.

When you purchase Anlin windows through our company, you get a dual lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, which means the warranty is not only for as long as you own your home but for the future owner of your home as well. Please call us today for a free in-home estimate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]