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Austin Window Replacement

Most homeowners don’t realize just how much work their house windows do to keep them safe, comfortable, and in beautiful surroundings. At CAT Exteriors, we understand just how important your windows are for your family home. To ensure every window replacement provides the maximum amount of benefit we use only premium products from brands like Anlin Window Systems.

Why choose CAT Exteriors out of all of the other window companies in Austin, TX?

In addition to quality windows, we also use trained and certified window installation experts. Our team is dedicated to doing the job right without delays or frustration for homeowners. Allow us to explain more about our window installation process.

Professional Installation of Your Vinyl Windows

CAT Exteriors has developed what we call the “Platinum Process” for home remodeling projects. Our teams follow the same precise series of steps on every job to ensure all of our replacement windows are installed with the highest standard of care.

What does Platinum Process involve?

  1. Free Consultation: Our window specialists will assess your windows, talk with you about the options, and create a free cost estimate.
  2. Taking Measurements: We’ll send a technician out to take measurements for your new windows.
  3. Window Fabrication: We’ll send the measurements and your design selection to Anlin’s factory for fabrication.
  4. Installation Appointment: Once they are completed, our team will come out to install your vinyl replacement windows.
  5. Quality Control: Our team will also go over the care and maintenance of your windows, as well as the long-lasting warranty you are now covered by.

Get Started with a Complimentary Cost Estimate on Replacement Windows in Austin

Are you tired of living with home windows that are drafty, loose, or non-operable any longer? Reach out to CAT Exteriors for replacement window installation in Austin, TX. We have a large selection of stylish vinyl replacement windows that will keep the Texan heat at bay. Give us a call or fill out our online form to ask about a free consultation and cost estimate now.