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Anaheim Tex-Cote Coatings

When the sun is pounding down on your home, it can be hard to find a simple way to beat the heat.

At CAT Exteriors, we understand the harsh California weather conditions that homeowners have to deal with. That's why we're proud to be a leading Tex-Cote coating company! Unlike many other local house painters, we specialize in innovative exterior coatings in Anaheim.

If you've been debating Tex-Cote durable house coatings for your family, we've got all the information you need to make the right choice.

Why Choose Tex-Cote?

Tex-Cote COOLWALL® Coatings provide homeowners with the comfort they deserve inside their homes.

Tex-Cote house coatings are more than just paint - they're a durable exterior product that will protect your home from severe weather conditions and normal wear-and-tear. As a BBB A+ rated company in Anaheim, CAT Exteriors has the Tex-Cote installation services you need.

Impressive benefits back each of our Tex-Cote products, such as: 

  • Limited Heat Transfer: Your Tex-Cote exterior coating will help reflect the sun's solar rays and keep them away from your home.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Thanks to a special anti-flaking composition, you can expect your home to look great for years to come.
  • Increased Energy-Efficiency: Whether it's helping to keep your home cool or lowering your energy bills, Tex-Cote products are a leader in energy-efficiency.

Learn More About Top-Rated Tex-Cote House Coatings in Anaheim

If you want an exterior coating in Anaheim that drastically improves your home's comfort and efficiency, you need CAT Exteriors! Call us today to learn more about our Tex-Cote house coatings. Or, simply fill out our online form to schedule a free quote.